Mixedmedia artist of French and Taiwanese origins, Yun Theyoung grew up in China. After studying fiber art at the China Academy of Art and graduating from Ensad Paris, she is based in Paris.
Through these relocations, language and translation have gone from the daily tools she uses, to the raw material she works with. By representing language and rituals she aims to create a meeting point for intimate and shared experiences. By using displacement as her main device, she turns what is usual and unseen into an odd bump. This stutter as any deformation of one's tongue are her favorite research grounds. For each project, she dedicates a time to rethink the materials she uses in order to find the on point medium.
In 2022 she co-launches artist collective: Ici, Poddema. The group of young artists aim to create a body of research, by experimenting with narrative speculation, and the making of collective artworks, events and archives. In 2023 joined Le Sprinkler, an artist and craftsman run-space.